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coverDaily Light on the Prisoner’s Path

This devotional is a treasure. I wish it had been available to me during my time in prison. It inspires, consoles and helps focus the reader on his relationship with God. To a prisoner it will be a lifeline. – Pat Nolan, Director, Center for Criminal Justice Reform, Washington, DC, former Vice President, Prison Fellowship

Your incarcerated relative or friend is facing daily physical and spiritual perils; help him with this unique daily Christian survival guide (browse through some of it now by clicking on the Google Preview app).

Regardless of his age or security classification, he will be refreshed by its morning and evening scripture selections (KJV), finding relief from the despair and discord surrounding him. He will learn of God’s eagerness to bless him, restore him, and make him a channel of supernatural grace to other inmates.

Daily Light on the Prisoner’s Path will show him how to:

Receive God’s full pardon, forgiveness and acceptance, along with a new identity as a loved son of the Father, and a positive sense of purpose and expectation,

Repulse the spiritual and emotional assaults of the enemy,

Find resources to overcome boyhood issues or abuses that may have led to his criminal activity, and

Use spiritual authority, led by the Holy Spirit, to supernaturally transform the dark atmosphere (and people) around him.

This is the only comprehensive Christian resource available for men behind bars.

Now parents, pastors, chaplains, prison ministries, spouses, other family members and friends can give them a life-restoring companion for use every day along their often-perilous prisoner’s path.

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